ehrich weiss (whod81) wrote in thereacharounds,
ehrich weiss

Lots of news!

We're now selling our "Live @ Bernie's" CD. Its $5 for a CD. Come get them at our show, or send me $6 ($1 for shipping... and no damned canadian money) and I'll mail you one (make checks payable to Ryan Mullin):

We've long since sold out of these CD's. If you really really want one, email me.

If you've checked our show schedule, you may notice that we're playing on October 22nd with The Independents. The Independents are an awesome band and I'm sure Bernie's will be packed.

Two days after that we are booked to play at Bernie's again for the Manda and the Marbles tour kickoff show. We don't know if we can actually play the show because of scheduling issues... (ie we do have jobs).

After those shows we are going to be taking a bit of a break from playing out while we work on getting some songs recorded and press some vinyl.

Tomorrow we head off to Jackson, Ohio to play the Free Punk Fest. Our first out of town show!
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